Our Promise

Good citizenship: Raised.

Our definition of good citizenship is made up of the “4 Ps” of social value: People, Poultry, Planet and Progress—all interdependent elements where the wellbeing of one impacts the vitality of the others. Our goal: raising goodness in all areas while balancing our need for economic Progress.


Every person needs food, water, shelter and security. Just BARE chicken provides the low-fat, high-protein nutrition necessary to maintain a balanced diet and improve human health. Our commitment to people extends beyond the dinner table – we also support causes like food banks and community garden projects that promote learning and healthier living. Learn more about Just BARE’s community partnerships.


Since 2010, the humane care of our chickens has been verified under the American Humane Certified® Farm Program. Under this program, all of our practices are audited and certified from hatching through processing. Watch our video to see our practices from start to finish. Learn more about our animal welfare certification and commitment.


Nearly every resource that sustains life on Earth comes from nature, so maintaining a thriving ecosystem is critical to our survival. Just BARE has led our industry by being one of the first brands to complete a life cycle assessment (LCA) of our products, in order to set benchmarks for environmental impact and process improvement. Learn more on our sustainability page.


Thriving businesses foster strong communities, and our success yields more than just a financial return for shareholders. Our success supports the livelihoods of hundreds of employees and business partners, their families, and the communities in which we, and our customers, live and work. Learn more by downloading a PDF of our mother hen company's Farm to Fork Report.

Humane Certified

We are third-party certified by the nation's leading farm animal welfare agency.
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Community Partners

We support causes that raise goodness in our community and world.
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We apply life-cycle thinking to reduce our impact across the entire supply chain. 
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Raising Goodness ®

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