Why Traceability Matters

We believe everyone should have the ability to follow the journey of their food, from farm to fork.

Look for your 5-digit code near the freshness date stamp on your package of Just BARE Chicken. It will appear right after the words "FAMILY FARM." If you don’t have a package code, enter "12345" to see an example of Just BARE traceability in action.

From raising our chickens right to taking care of the environment, we're inspired to continue raising goodness® every day.

The more you know about your food, the better you feel. That's why we put a unique traceability code on every package of Just BARE Chicken. You can find out where your chicken was raised and meet some of our family farmers. It's just one of the many ways we're raising standards across our entire supply chain.

You can find comfort in knowing all of our chickens are vegetable and grain fed, certified under the American Humane Certified® Farm Program, and raised with no antibiotics — ever. Our caring and experienced farmers are committed to the well-being and ethical treatment of all animals. Learn More

We're also committed to a healthier future for our planet. We use wind-renewable energy credits to help power our farms and remain focused on lessening our environmental impact across our products. Learn More


Raising Goodness ®

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