Wrapping up food to make it deliciously portable (or easily eaten out of hand) is a long-held tradition—globally. The saltiness of nori melds well with the mild flavor of poached and shredded chicken. The warm rice or cooked grains softens the crisp sheets so you can roll them up.


  1. Lay a sheet of nori on a sheet of plastic or foil wrap. Spread ½ cup warm grain over nori, leaving about a 1-inch border. Begin layering ingredients on the bottom 2/3 of nori, being careful to not overfill; moisten filling with desired sauce. 

  2. Carefully begin rolling up the nori, folding in the sides, enclosing the ingredients as tightly as possible. Repeat with second sheet of nori. Use the plastic or foil to help roll, then wrap the burritos in the non-edible wrap and refrigerate until ready to eat.


Cooks’ tip: Look for 8 ounce pouches of cooked grains, like brown jasmine or red rice, multi-grain pilaf blends, quinoa, or farro wheat.