Humane Certified

A commitment to our chickens.

At Just BARE, we recognize our ethical obligation to provide for the wellbeing and humane care of our chickens—and we take that responsibility very seriously. From breeding to hatching to processing, our policy is straightforward—we have zero tolerance for any deliberate abuse or mistreatment. We take pride in our humane and responsible animal welfare practices. That's why we have them audited and certified under the American Humane Certified® Farm Program every year.

What is the American Humane Certified® farm program?

It is a well-known, respected certifier for animal welfare. Key strengths include:

  1. It was the first and is the fastest-growing farm animal welfare program in the U.S.;
  2. It is backed by the American Humane Association™ (AHA) which has a long history (founded in 1877) of using a moderate, science-based and solutions-driven approach to protect animals and children;
  3. It is built around a comprehensive set of science-based standards and sound research which are reviewed regularly by a Scientific Advisory Committee of respected animal welfare experts;
  4. It does not take an elitist approach to animal welfare. It believes the culture, not the size, of an operation is the real indicator of its animal welfare stewardship.

What does certification mean?

The American Humane Certified® seal ensures our chickens are provided freedom:

  • From hunger and thirst, with ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain health and vigor;
  • From discomfort, pain, injury and disease;
  • From cages - so they can express their normal behavior, with sufficient space and the company of other chickens; and
  • From fear and distress, with the proper facilities, conditions and treatment needed to thrive.

Just BARE has been taking expert care of our chickens since the beginning, so we didn't need to make any major changes to our operations or facilities to achieve American Humane Certified® status. 

What does certification take?

Each year, our primary production plants, hatcheries, ALL new family farm partners/chicken barns, and one-third of our previously audited contracted family farm partners/chicken barns (randomly selected) are audited and graded against the more than 200 standards of the American Humane Certified® Farm Program. An independent auditing agency conducts the audits. An overall total score of at least 85% is needed to pass.  

In 2015, all GNP Company primary production plants, hatcheries and audited Just BARE family farm partners/chicken barns PASSED with a score of 92% or better. Learn more about the rigorous, standards-based American Humane Certified® Farm Program


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