The Good Plate

Satisfying bites and tasty extras on good food and healthy living.

Welcome! it's good to start fresh.


It's good to start fresh.

New beginnings, new discoveries.

Welcome to the newest way Just BARE Chicken is raising goodness, The Good Plate. Here, you’ll find an ongoing exploration of healthy, everyday living.

- Your chances of discovering new, in-season foods and ingredients: Raised.

- The likelihood of adding new recipes to your collection of favorites: Raised.

- Opportunities to explore wellness and nutrition: Raised. 

There are endless ways to eat and live better, and The Good Plate will nourish both body and mind with fresh ideas and new energy. This is a place to learn, discuss and share. In the coming weeks, look for articles on foods to fuel workouts, fresh grilling techniques, creative ways to incorporate chicken into meals and much more.


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