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Where There’s Smoke

Drifting soon through an open window near you. You can see it. Smell it. Taste it. Yet it’s not always easy to put a finger on what makes one of humankind’s oldest cooking techniques so appealing. Different people have different reasons for loving smoked foods. For some, it’s tradition. For… Read More

Hosting Your Games

Viva, Brasil! Every four years, in summer and winter, all eyes turn to one of the most exciting sporting events in the world. New heroes emerge. Nations large and small celebrate. And fans everywhere learn about the culture and customs of the countries hosting the games. In 2016, Brazil is… Read More

Get Fired Up For Grilled Pizza

Take it outside. Few foods have the universal appeal of pizza. The variations and combinations are endless, and the creative possibilities extend to cooking techniques as well. Who wants to heat up the kitchen on a beautiful summer afternoon or evening? That’s when you want to be outside, grilling with… Read More

Grilled Chicken Bruschetta with Tomato Tapenade

In Tuscany, bruschetta is really just deliciously toasted bread that is rubbed with fresh garlic and topped with super-ripe tomatoes—at their harvest peak. The word “bruschetta” means toasted (or literally burned). By slicing the chicken breasts in half horizontally, the grill time is cut in half. Read More

Grilled Chicken Primavera Pasta

This ultra-simple pasta dish celebrates the freshness of spring and early summer produce. “Primavera” simply means the first tender offerings of the growing season. Read More

Smoky Chicken & Grilled Veggie Salad

It’s fun to use a grill sheet (those flat metal pans with holes or slits in them) when grilling vegetables. They don’t fall through the wider grill grate during cooking. If you don’t have one, you can make your own with a piece of foil with holes cut in it. Read More

Arugula & Walnut Pesto Grilled Drumsticks with Tomato Salad

This dish starts with the recipe for basic Grilled Chicken Drumsticks with Pesto adding arugula to make a peppery pesto that adds a little extra during grilling. When mixed with red wine vinegar, it creates a tangy dressing for the tomato salad that’s served on the side. Read More

Grilled Ratatouille Chicken Pizza

Take everything to the grill on a hot summer day…grill the chicken and char-grill the veggies before par-baking store-bought pizza dough. Or use leftover chicken and quickly roast the vegetables in a super-hot oven before topping the dough. Switch up the veggies depending on what’s at your late summer farmstand… Read More

Basic Tips and Techniques

Here are some basic tips, techniques and tools. They’ll help you amp up your culinary prowess in the kitchen, and get oohs and ahhs from family and friends.   The basic techniques  Sautéeing: To cook chicken quickly add a small amount of oil in a skillet or sauté pan over direct heat. Read More

Grilling confidential

Sunshine, fresh air and fragrant smoke. There’s nothing better than firing up the grill once temperatures climb. Burgers, ribs and hot dogs are American standards, but lean chicken is a happy partner in this annual celebration of al fresco dining, offering a lighter alternative to conventional grill fare. And with… Read More

Grilled Greek Chicken Sandwiches

It’s easier now to find miniature ciabatta or grainy Kaiser rolls than ever before. Matching the right bread to the filling makes all the difference—taking a basic grilled chicken sandwich and making it special occasion fare. Read More

Grilled Drumsticks with Pesto

A traditional pesto infuses these drumsticks with fantastic flavor during grilling. Create seasonal variety by adding different herbs and nuts to the pesto and serving with different vegetable side dishes. Read More


Add fresh, natural flavor to your favorite chicken with a few simple steps for marinating. It’s one of the easiest ways to ensure tender, juicy, deliciousness on your table. For easier handling and cleanup, marinate the chicken in a plastic, zip-seal food-storage bag instead of a dish. Squeeze out… Read More

Grilled Chicken with Crushed Raspberry Vinaigrette

Lightly mashing up a dish of raspberries with the sweet-tart of vinegar and honey instantly becomes a sauce to dress up grilled chicken or to toss with fresh baby greens. Serve on a bed of quick-cooking quinoa or whole-grain bulgur wheat for a fresh summertime supper. Read More