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North African Nosh

Your journey of discovery begins. For the adventurous home cook, the doorway to discovery is as close as the spice cabinet. It’s always open for exploration. Uncap a bottle or jar, and breathe deeply. You’re instantly transported to faraway places and times such as the spice souks of North Africa. Read More


All together now. The story of gumbo is the story of America itself. It draws its essence from the coming together of people and foods in new ways, each bowl an acknowledgement of the contributions of many cultures and traditions. Far from a singular dish, gumbo varies according to the… Read More

Chicken Pomegranate Tagine

This beautiful and fragrant tagine has a deep flavor tinged with a tartness from the pomegranate juice. As the dish simmers, the dark chicken and dried fruit absorb the crimson of the pomegranate juice and cook into a luscious caramel brown stew. The fresh pomegranate arils and cilantro leaves add… Read More

Tunisian Chicken Couscous with Green Harissa

Traditional harissa is an incendiary red spice paste that’s stirred into couscous dishes. This green version is not quite as hot and adds a lovely herbal note to this flavorful one dish meal. Serve the chicken stew over the couscous in shallow bowls, garnishing with a spoonful of the green… Read More