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Charmoula Seasoned Butterflied Chicken

This herb paste used to flavor the chicken can be slathered on just before popping it onto the grill. Otherwise, try gently loosening the bird’s skin with your fingers, then rubbing the paste directly onto the meat under the skin. This combination of seasonings is called charmoula—sort of a North… Read More

Spiced Chicken Kefta

Kefta kebabs, small skewers of seasoned ground meat, are traditional street food in Morocco. These are deliciously aromatic, full of fresh herbs and spices. Once you’ve seasoned the meat—ground chicken here rather than the lamb or beef used in Morocco—you can pat it into small sausage shapes wrapped around skewers… Read More

Desert Chicken Tabbouleh

Bulgur wheat is a versatile starting point for interesting, grainy salads. This hearty main dish salad is filled with nuggets of tender chicken and the light sweetness of summer tomatoes, grapes, and dried dates. Read More

Dukkah-Crusted Roasted Drumsticks

Dukkah is an Egyptian seasoning—varying blends of crushed toasted nuts, seeds, and spices. It’s served as a snack on the street with strips of pita bread, that are dipped into olive oil, then the dukkah. In this recipe, the roasting process toasts the seasoning. Read More