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Spicy Chicken Sauté with Green Olive Relish

A generous spoonful of this delicious relish is all you need to finish perking up spiced chicken thighs. Briny olives have the satisfying, full flavor that healthy fat provides—and one or two bites define the perfect appetizer or condiment. Read More

Roasted Citrus Chicken with Olives

There are never enough chicken legs to go around in my family. So if you’d prefer, you can use all chicken legs in this dish. The main idea of this recipe is that it’s great for a crowd, but easily halved for a regular weeknight dinner. Read More

Catalan Sweet & Tart Chicken

This recipe elegantly feeds a nice-sized dinner party, but is easy to cut in half for a smaller supper. The sweetness of the dried plums (formerly known as prunes), contrasts with the brininess of the olives and capers—delicious with the richness of bone-in chicken. Read More

Grilled Ratatouille Chicken Pizza

Take everything to the grill on a hot summer day…grill the chicken and char-grill the veggies before par-baking store-bought pizza dough. Or use leftover chicken and quickly roast the vegetables in a super-hot oven before topping the dough. Switch up the veggies depending on what’s at your late summer farmstand… Read More

Greek Gyros Flatbread Melt

Look for interesting flatbreads in the deli or bakery section of the grocery store. They’re ready made to be transformed into a crust for a super-quick snack or supper. Read More

Fragrant Orange Chicken in Parchment

Cooking in parchment paper is automatically heart healthy, as you can cook low-fat chicken with just a nice dribble of olive oil and a splash of wine—and any number of delicious, full-flavored seasonings that boost flavor without a lot of extra calories. Read More

Deli Chicken Focaccia Sandwiches

Check for any variety of artisan flatbreads in either the deli or bakery of the grocery store—they’re perfect for making interesting sandwiches that are portable for lunches or ready in seconds for a simple supper with a cup of soup. Look for savory bean spreads in the deli case, too. Read More

Chicken Shawarma Wraps

All over the eastern Mediterranean these spiced meat sandwiches are a street food staple. Originating in northwestern Turkey, this style of seasoned meat wrap is so common it’s sometimes called the Middle Eastern taco. Read More