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Butterfly Chicken

An easy shortcut for cooking a whole chicken is to flatten or butterfly it prior to cooking. This method lets you grill or roast a whole chicken in nearly half the time and season both the inside and outside of the chicken with ease.  This technique is called butterflying or spatchcocking… Read More

Turning to Veggie Noodles

Lighter and full of flavor. Hello, zucchini. You look so different. Same for you squashes, beets, daikon and other garden favorites. All it takes is a few quick strokes or turns of a knife, peeler or kitchen appliance, and even the most common vegetable can be completely transformed. Suddenly, they’re standing in… Read More

Porcini-Dusted Chicken with Wild Mushroom & Pea Risotto

Any dried mushrooms will work beautifully in this unique method for seasoning chicken. The mushroom “dust” lends a deep, rich flavor as it’s absorbed into the chicken skin. Making a creamy risotto with farro—a farrotto—filled with fresh mushrooms only boosts the umami of the dish. Read More

Chicken Pasta Salad with Broccoli & Grapes

A satisfying pasta salad is only minutes from the table with rotisserie chicken on hand. Change up the type of pasta you use (try orecchiete—little ears, farfalle—butterflies , or fusilli—twists), depending on your pantry. Read More

Grilling confidential

Sunshine, fresh air and fragrant smoke. There’s nothing better than firing up the grill once temperatures climb. Burgers, ribs and hot dogs are American standards, but lean chicken is a happy partner in this annual celebration of al fresco dining, offering a lighter alternative to conventional grill fare. And with… Read More

Garlic Rosemary Chicken with Wild Mushrooms

If fresh wild mushrooms are hard to come by or super expensive, you can mix them with some domestic button mushrooms or dried mushrooms, like Italian porcini. The dried mushrooms need to be rehydrated in hot water before sautéing them. Read More

Chicken BLT Salad with Warm Garlic Vinaigrette

Mix up the kinds of tomato you use in this juicy salad—and the window for flavorful varieties can be tight, depending on the weather. Using ultra-thin slices of prosciutto ham, crisped up in the oven, instead of bacon, is a fun twist and absolutely addicting. Add more texture by making… Read More

Pesto Chicken Pizza

Pierce any puffed areas of dough with the tip of a knife, then top with chicken-pesto mixture and cheese. Bake, covered, for a few minutes longer—just until the cheese is melted. Read More

Barbecue Chicken Wraps

It’s easy to quickly sauté the chicken and veggie filling ahead of time for these hearty burritos—or use leftover shredded chicken, tossed with the barbecue sauce. Then just spoon in crunchy cabbage and shredded carrot with the rest of the filling. Read More

Moist & Tender, Tried & True

Even the most popular cut of chicken needs some TLC. Americans love boneless, skinless chicken breasts and for good reason. They’re perfectly adaptable to almost any cooking style and lend themselves to all kinds of recipes and flavor profiles. And yet, everyone’s experienced what should be an excellent meal in… Read More

Grilled Chicken with Crushed Raspberry Vinaigrette

Lightly mashing up a dish of raspberries with the sweet-tart of vinegar and honey instantly becomes a sauce to dress up grilled chicken or to toss with fresh baby greens. Serve on a bed of quick-cooking quinoa or whole-grain bulgur wheat for a fresh summertime supper. Read More

Deluxe Chicken Burgers

Chicken is leaner than other types of ground meat so making juicy burgers takes just a few extra minutes of attention, but it’s definitely worth it. Read More

Chicken Empanadas

Empanadas, or little pastry turnovers, are the essence of portability. In South America, empanadas are made with a huge variety of fillings, from savory to sweet. And the pastry dough is more like a cross between pie pastry and bread, but using pre-made pastry dough makes this simple—and really delicious. Read More

Quick-Roasted Parmesan Stuffed Chicken

It’s just as easy to cut up and stuff two chickens as one, making it a great way to feed a crowd. Use your kitchen shears to cut up the birds, keeping the legs whole (drumstick and thigh attached) so you can make a larger pocket under the skin to… Read More

Carving a Whole Cooked Chicken: Step-by-Step

Place the chicken on a clean, sanitary cutting board. Remove leg and thigh section by pressing leg away from body. Cut through joint carefully, following body contour.Cut the drumstick and thigh apart at the joint. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the opposite side of the chicken.Cut the meat from… Read More