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Herb & Citrus Chicken Under a Brick

Pollo al mattone is the Italian name for a chicken that’s pressed under bricks to speed up cooking and create a very crisp skin. Traditionally made in a cast-iron skillet, this version is hot off the grill. Either a whole butterflied chicken or chicken halves work beautifully. The zesty marinade… Read More

Crispy Drumsticks with Fresh Corn Salad

Substitute frozen and thawed corn for the raw kernels when corn is not in season. Look for the freekeh, a form of cracked wheat, in the bulk grain bins at a co-op grocery or in the specialty whole-grain section of a good market. Read More

Chicken Caponata Rigatoni

Experiment with different varieties of eggplant if you see them at the grocery or farmer’s market—don’t let the unique shapes and colors stop you, as any type is delicious. This rich stew is lovely spooned over soft corn polenta, too, or even over toasted baguette slices. Read More

Maple Tangerine Glazed Chickens

If you need to feed more than your family, why not roast two birds at the same time? It’s no more work and is easy to serve. Any leftovers are ready and waiting to make sandwiches, a small pot of soup, or a pan of chicken enchiladas. Read More

Smoky Almond & Chicken Mole

Serve this savory shredded chicken wrapped in toasted tortillas, garnished with roasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds), sliced green onions, fresh cilantro, crumbled cotija cheese, and sliced ripe avocado. Read More

Sweet & Tart Thai Chicken Noodles

Pad Thai is really just a stir-fried noodle dish, with a sauce that’s a balance of salty, sour, and sweet. It’s a popular street food snack in Thailand, tossed with small dried shrimp and tofu, but strips of chicken add more weight for a main dish. Look for tamarind concentrate,… Read More

Roast Chicken with Sweet Peppers & Fennel

Fresh fennel brings a subtle flavor of licorice to dishes and is especially good teamed with sweet bell peppers and onions. Trim away the tough upper stem of the fennel, but reserve some of the delicate fronds for garnish. Read More

Daybreak Chicken & Veggie Skillet Hash

Cook this hash until it’s golden brown and crusty on the bottom, then top with eggs for a bonus start to the day. Sub in other veggies as you’d like and maybe toss in some chopped fresh garlic with the leeks. Read More

Chunky Chicken & Vegetable Pot Pie

The season for comforting pot pies arrives in sync with the peak of fall root vegetables; feel free to substitute your favorites in this creamy chicken filling. If you use a bunch of carrots with tops or fennel with the green fronds, chop some of the greens up to stir… Read More

Modern Chicken Parmesan

Serve this fresh take on a classic with crispy fried polenta and sautéed julienned zucchini with lots of fresh garlic. Pan-fry the chicken in olive oil if you’d like a crispier coating. Read More

Farmhouse Chicken Shepherd’s Pie

Traditionally a shepherd’s pie contains leftover roasted lamb–an easy way to use leftovers in a comforting one-dish recipe. This version is updated using fresh chicken and topped with mashed golden potatoes and cauliflower—a modern nod to upping the veggie ante in a rustic home style recipe. Read More

Grilled Chicken Paillards Le Grand Aioli

If you prefer dark meat, use boneless skinless thighs that are pounded out to an even thickness so they grill quickly.  Aïoli is really nothing more than a thick, aromatic garlic mayonnaise and is the heart of midsummer celebrations of seasonal vegetables in southern France. Here the mayo is made… Read More

Vegetable & Chicken Tian De Soleil

In southern France a “tian” refers to both an earthenware casserole and the actual vegetable-centric dish. A tian is a wonderful way to make the most of summer produce and leftover chicken; use this version as a base for jumping off to create your own favorite combinations. … Read More

Chicken with Veggie Noodles & Basil Pea Pesto

End of summer garden bounty is a good time to play with upping the family vegetable quotient at the table. Use a spiralizer or other strip peeler to create veggie noodles that are delicious lightly sautéed and topped with tender chunks of chicken. Finish this light dish with a sprinkle… Read More

“Hot” Oven-Fried Chicken

Nashville hot fried chicken is all the rage, deep-fried and ultra crispy, doused in an incendiary hot chile oil. Here the chicken is still golden and crispy, but without the dunking in hot oil. Baked on racks that allow air to circulate around the chicken, this version is no less… Read More