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Honey Lemon Oven-Fried Chicken

This version of fried chicken is easy, mess free, and easy to customize to your favorite seasonings. A touch of honey with tangy buttermilk coats the chicken before tossing in crisp Panko breadcrumbs to bake. Read More

Chicken & Rice Stick Noodle Soup (Pho Ga)

The rich broth is deeply flavored all by itself, the perfect pool for the chewy rice noodles. Adding chunks of chicken and some steamed veggies only makes it better—a handful of broccoli florets, snow peas, sliced carrots, or chunks of sweet bell pepper would make this a one-bowl meal. Read More

Nana’s Pot Roast Chicken

Add other root vegetables to this simple chicken dish: chunks of carrot or parsnip, or a little rutabaga and celery. If time is at a premium, a large slow cooker is ideal for slowly braising a whole bird while you’re away for several hours. Read More

Personal Chicken Pot Pies

Making little pastry-covered pies was once a creative way to use leftover chicken or other meats. Now we just love them for their warmth and comfort. Read More

Herbal Honey-Glazed Chicken with Stone Fruit

Squeeze a few chunks of fresh lime or lemon over the finished bird and fruit. Complete the meal with a pan of quick-cooking orzo pasta tossed with some crumbled feta cheese and a bowl full of fresh arugula dressed in a vinaigrette. Read More

Osso Buco-Style Chicken Legs

Meaty chicken legs, rather than veal shanks, are braised in a tomato sauce, then sprinkled with gremolata—a zesty blend of chopped herbs, fresh garlic, and lemon zest. Creamy polenta is an ideal accompaniment to this favorite Italian fall one-dish supper that’s lovely for an intimate dinner party. Read More

Korean Barbecued Chicken

This sweet-savory marinade is the cornerstone of Korean grilling. It’s easy to create your own delicious grilled chicken that can be served in pieces or shredded for tacos, folded inside soft corn tortillas with lime and cilantro. Read More

Apricot Ginger Chicken with Toasted Barley Pilaf

The benefits of a fiber-rich diet, along with the increased intake of B-vitamins and a wide variety of minerals, are undisputed. But don’t ignore how great whole grains taste—experiment with the exploding availability of interesting rice blends, unique pastas, and grains like barley. Read More

Roasted Citrus Chicken with Olives

There are never enough chicken legs to go around in my family. So if you’d prefer, you can use all chicken legs in this dish. The main idea of this recipe is that it’s great for a crowd, but easily halved for a regular weeknight dinner. Read More

Charmoula Seasoned Butterflied Chicken

This herb paste used to flavor the chicken can be slathered on just before popping it onto the grill. Otherwise, try gently loosening the bird’s skin with your fingers, then rubbing the paste directly onto the meat under the skin. This combination of seasonings is called charmoula—sort of a North… Read More

Spiced Tomato Peanut Chicken

This saucy dish is great to start off a busy week—just load the slow cooker and get on with your day. The drumsticks can stand up to a bit more cooking time than other cuts of chicken, so you don’t need to rush home too soon. Read More

Spiced Chicken Kefta

Kefta kebabs, small skewers of seasoned ground meat, are traditional street food in Morocco. These are deliciously aromatic, full of fresh herbs and spices. Once you’ve seasoned the meat—ground chicken here rather than the lamb or beef used in Morocco—you can pat it into small sausage shapes wrapped around skewers… Read More

Stacked Enchiladas Suiza

“Swiss” enchiladas are made with a cheese sauce, a southwestern variation of more traditional enchiladas. This version is stacked in a deep-dish pie plate—a faster technique than filling and rolling up individual tortillas. Read More

Sicilian Chicken Piccata

The rich flavor of boneless thighs melds beautifully with the sweet-tartness of blood oranges or red grapefruit. It’s a breeze to substitute boneless breasts—either pound them to an even thickness or slice them horizontally into cutlets. Read More

Maple Brandy Glazed Chicken

Roast some seasonal late harvest veggies to fill the platter with the glazed bird…Brussels sprouts and sliced acorn squash are particularly nice. Otherwise make root vegetable “chips” by thinly slicing sweet potatoes, parsnips, and Yukon gold potatoes, tossing with a generous glug of olive oil, and roasting until crisp. Read More

Chicken in Artichoke Tomato Broth

This brothy chicken dish is warming in cold weather—and delicious as is, or spooned over a large spoonful of tender orzo pasta or steamed brown rice, wheat berries, or wild rice. Read More

Retro Salisbury Steak

A staple of cafeteria lunches and TV dinners, Salisbury steak is really just a quick ground meat patty, jazzed up with a savory mushroom gravy. By making them fresh and substituting ground chicken for hamburger, they’re transformed into a great weeknight supper that everyone will eat. Read More

Thai Chicken Tango

This 5-ingredient recipe was created by Alison B. and was selected as a runner up in the Just BARE Just 5 Cooking Challenge in 2011. Read More