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Grilling confidential

Sunshine, fresh air and fragrant smoke. There’s nothing better than firing up the grill once temperatures climb. Burgers, ribs and hot dogs are American standards, but lean chicken is a happy partner in this annual celebration of al fresco dining, offering a lighter alternative to conventional grill fare. And with… Read More

Rediscovering Sunday Dinners

Making a comeback. Grandma and grandpa had things figured out. Take Sunday dinners, for example. For many families just a few generations ago, Sundays meant a big family meal, and more than one generation often sat down together. Family stories, humor and who’s-doing-what kept the conversation lively, and the personalities… Read More

American Classic

History repeating itself, one delicious meal at a time. Was there ever a time chicken pot pies didn’t exist? Food historians trace meat pies with poultry to the Roman era, and in America the dish appears in cookbooks in the early 1800s. Even Laura Ingalls Wilder mentions chicken pies in the… Read More

Navigating the Holidays

How did November get here so quickly? Conventional thinking suggests that a year has four seasons – spring, fall, summer and winter. The reality is a bit different. There’s actually a fifth season, the holiday season. It’s a force of nature too and calls for certain navigational strategies to make… Read More

A Classic Redefined: Chicken Parmesan

An Italian-American favorite, with emphasis on the hyphen, This story begins with eggplant. But before launching into the origins of one of the world’s most favorite chicken entrées, a word about this new series, Classics Redefined. Earlier, The Good Plate profiled chicken pot pies, a hearty… Read More

Shepherding anew

There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t yet met. From emerald isles cloaked in legend and shrouded in myth comes an unexpected find, an enchanting treasure of great worth. But it’s not in a pot at the end of a rainbow. Rather, you’ll find this prize in the… Read More

Unpacking Chicken Salad

A fresh take for the great outdoors. Picnic season is here, and blankets and baskets are emerging from hibernation. The big question is, what’s going in those baskets this summer? Chicken salad is a time-honored favorite, but if the usual path approach to making it is starting to feel more… Read More

Where There’s Smoke

Drifting soon through an open window near you. You can see it. Smell it. Taste it. Yet it’s not always easy to put a finger on what makes one of humankind’s oldest cooking techniques so appealing. Different people have different reasons for loving smoked foods. For some, it’s tradition. For… Read More

Summer in France

Celebrating the moment with family and friends. It’s beautiful. Or as the locals would say, C’est beau! That’s the #1 reaction of visitors to France at the height of the growing season. Fresh produce abounds. Meals both simple and sublime surprise and delight. And for one of the nation’s most… Read More

Hosting Your Games

Viva, Brasil! Every four years, in summer and winter, all eyes turn to one of the most exciting sporting events in the world. New heroes emerge. Nations large and small celebrate. And fans everywhere learn about the culture and customs of the countries hosting the games. In 2016, Brazil is… Read More

Turning to Veggie Noodles

Lighter and full of flavor. Hello, zucchini. You look so different. Same for you squashes, beets, daikon and other garden favorites. All it takes is a few quick strokes or turns of a knife, peeler or kitchen appliance, and even the most common vegetable can be completely transformed. Suddenly, they’re standing in… Read More

Hot Chicken Rekindled

Hot enough for you? Dial it in. Hot chicken has seared its way into national culinary consciousness in a big way. With a legendary heritage in Nashville, this firebrand of the fried chicken world blazes a new trail for creativity in the kitchen. Can the innovation continue? You bet your… Read More