Oven-roasting warms the home, blanketing it with aromas that awaken the senses and appetites of family and friends. 

The next time you roast a whole chicken, wrap your chicken in flavor using a rub and spice blend to start, then finish with an infusion of vinegar or citrus juice.  Here’s how it’s done—by the number. Give your bird a massage. Lightly rub the skin with a good olive oil or try some walnut or grapeseed oil. Loosen the skin over the breast with a wooden spoon, then rub some softened butter (mash in some chopped fresh herbs like sage, rosemary, or chives) over the breast meat. You can slip a few whole herb leaves under the skin if you like.

  1. Start with one Just BARE® Whole Chicken. 
  2. Position the oven rack so that the top of the chicken is just above the middle of the oven. Preheat oven to 425º F. 
  3. Tie legs together with string. Pull neck skin back and twist wing tips under the chicken.
  4. Place chicken on rack in a roasting pan that is large enough to provide space around the chicken. 
  5. Rub the roasting chicken with seasoned oil and a spice blend of your choice (see chart below for some flavor combinations).
  6. Roast the chicken, starting with high heat then lower the temperature—this is the best method for oven-roasting chicken. Roast at 425º F for 20 minutes, then lower temperature to 350º F. Roast for about another 35 minutes. During the last 10 minutes of roasting, drizzle the chicken with an infusion of vinegar or citrus juice (see below for some flavor combinations).
  7. Test for doneness during the last half hour of roasting with an instant-read thermometer. Temperature should be at least 165º F to ensure safety.
  8. Let the roasted chicken cool 10 minutes before carving. This makes carving easier and allows more of the juices to stay in the meat. Internal temperature of the meat should be 170º to 175º F after 10 minutes.
  9. Use garnishes and condiments to add more color and creativity to your meal. Here are a few ideas to try:
    1. Place sliced sweet potatoes, new potatoes or other root vegetables around the chicken.
    2. When you sprinkle on the infusion, add a few sliced ripe pears or apples and roast for remaining 10 minutes.
    3. Add salad greens or spinach at the end of roasting, allowing them to wilt gently in the pan juices.

NOTE: Cooking times are approximate. Chicken is done when meat thermometer reads 165º F, the legs move up and down easily and juices run clear.

Flavor Combinations to Try!

Italian Rub

1 T. Hot Pepper Oil
3 T. Chili Powder
1T. Cumin Powder
2 t. Dried Oregano Leaves
1 t. Coarse Ground Pepper
½ t. Coarse Salt
2 T. Fresh Lemon Juice

Classic Rub

1 T. Garlic Olive Oil
2 T. Mustard Seed
1 T. Ground Coriander
1T. Rubbed Sage
1 t. Coarse Ground Pepper
½ t. Salt
2 T. Balsamic Vinegar

Asian Rub

1 T. Sesame Oil
1 T. Coarsely Chopped Garlic
1 T. Grated Fresh Ginger Root
2 T. Thyme Leaves
1 t. Red Pepper Flakes
1 t. Coarse Ground Pepper
2 T. Fresh Orange Juice