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Behind Just BARE

Meet our Mother Hen & Advocates.

Our BARE Advocates

Just BARE is about so much more than chicken. It’s a brand that believes in raising goodness in the areas that matter most. Meet two of the inspirational people behind the brand who make raising food responsibly and conscientiously a part of their work and life—every day.

Julie Berling

Once and forever a farm girl, Julie has spent the last 30 years as a marketer advocating for good food and sustainable agriculture. She helped launch the Just BARE brand and has now expanded her advocacy to include broader perspectives on healthy food, families and farms as head of strategic communications and insights for Just BARE's parent company.






Lisa Golden Schroeder

A food journalist, cookbook editor, recipe developer, cooking teacher and food stylist who received advanced culinary training in France, she is now the culinary expert for Just BARE. In addition to writing for The Good Plate, Lisa consults on the culinary aspects of the brand, including development of new chicken recipes and styling them for photography. She's passionate about nurturing a love of good food and cooking with families.


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