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Cacciatore Creativity

Translating a classic. Every few hundred years or so it’s a good idea to take a fresh look at a classic dish. An Italian-American favorite with roots in Italy going back centuries, chicken cacciatore is the perfect recipe to expand upon because variations have existed over time. In Italian, the… Read More

North African Nosh

Your journey of discovery begins. For the adventurous home cook, the doorway to discovery is as close as the spice cabinet. It’s always open for exploration. Uncap a bottle or jar, and breathe deeply. You’re instantly transported to faraway places and times such as the spice souks of North Africa. Read More

Spicy Chicken Sauté with Green Olive Relish

A generous spoonful of this delicious relish is all you need to finish perking up spiced chicken thighs. Briny olives have the satisfying, full flavor that healthy fat provides—and one or two bites define the perfect appetizer or condiment. Read More

Garnet Chicken with Port & Fig

Tawny ports are wines made from red grapes that are aged in wooden barrels. The exposure to wood imparts “nutty” flavors to the wine, which can be sweet or medium dry. Port is typically served at the end of a meal, but in this simple recipe it creates a luscious… Read More

Lettuce-Wrapped Asian Chicken

These summery wraps rely on fresh, crisp garden greens, fragrant herbs, and rich marinated chicken thighs for their wonderful combination of textures and flavor. Read More

Chicken Skewers with Hoisin-Peanut Butter Glaze

You can’t beat the luscious combination of sweet-salty hoisin sauce and peanut butter—the nuttiness melds beautifully with the soy in the Chinese version of barbecue sauce. Truly an express summer supper, with just 5 ingredients!… Read More

Warm Chicken Salad with Roasted Asparagus

As more summer produce appears in the market or your garden, you can make this main dish salad with just about anything. Roast or grill quartered beets, halved Roma tomatoes, sliced eggplant, sweet bell peppers or long slices of zucchini. Read More

Slow Cooker Taos Tacos

The chicken is extremely tender and a bit spicy, so a bowl of cilantro-spiked shredded cabbage, carrot, and zucchini—dressed with a little olive oil and mild vinegar—is a perfect accompaniment. Read More

Garlic Chicken & Toasted Couscous Salad

Pearl, or Israeli couscous, is different from the golden grains of North African couscous. It’s a very small semolina pasta that is rolled into balls, then is toasted to dry. It’s very quick cooking and makes a wonderful salad that can feed a crowd and keep in the refrigerator for… Read More

Chicken & Rice Stick Noodle Soup (Pho Ga)

The rich broth is deeply flavored all by itself, the perfect pool for the chewy rice noodles. Adding chunks of chicken and some steamed veggies only makes it better—a handful of broccoli florets, snow peas, sliced carrots, or chunks of sweet bell pepper would make this a one-bowl meal. Read More

Sonoran Chicken Chili

This non-traditional chili takes advantage of the later summer harvest: jalapeño chiles, corn, zucchini, fresh oregano, rosemary, and cilantro. Don’t let the list of ingredients discourage you—pile them into a big soup pot and simmer for less than an hour for a great all-in-one supper. Read More

Desert Chicken Tabbouleh

Bulgur wheat is a versatile starting point for interesting, grainy salads. This hearty main dish salad is filled with nuggets of tender chicken and the light sweetness of summer tomatoes, grapes, and dried dates. Read More

Sicilian Chicken Piccata

The rich flavor of boneless thighs melds beautifully with the sweet-tartness of blood oranges or red grapefruit. It’s a breeze to substitute boneless breasts—either pound them to an even thickness or slice them horizontally into cutlets. Read More

Curried Red Lentil Chicken Stew

Look for red lentils in the bulk bin section of the grocery. They keep well on the pantry shelf and cook up so quickly they’re a great choice for a side dish, spiced with a dash of dried chile flakes, ginger, and lots of garlic. Read More

Green Corn Chicken Posole

Posole is like chili, in that you can load up the table with condiments that each diner can spoon into their bowl. Crisp, spicy sliced radishes, pungent green onions, chopped ripe avocado, fresh cilantro leaves, and your go-to hot sauce are favorites. Read More

Chicken Pomegranate Tagine

This beautiful and fragrant tagine has a deep flavor tinged with a tartness from the pomegranate juice. As the dish simmers, the dark chicken and dried fruit absorb the crimson of the pomegranate juice and cook into a luscious caramel brown stew. The fresh pomegranate arils and cilantro leaves add… Read More

Sizzling Chicken Ratatouille Platter

Ratatouille is a classic French melding of harvest vegetables, starring creamy eggplant, sweet bell peppers, small zucchini, and sweetly-ripe tomatoes. The recipe varies, from a stovetop stew to a grilled platter of tender and slightly charred veggies. Mediterranean herbs—oregano, thyme, rosemary, and lavender—often scent this blend of sun-kissed vegetables. Add… Read More