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Chicken Parmesan

A classic Italian dish featuring a lightly breaded Chicken cutlet, smothered in a hearty San Marzano tomato sauce and topped with a slice of fresh mozzarella cheese. The freshly grated parmesan cheese adds a sharp and savory note to complete the meal. Read More

Lightly Breaded Spicy Chicken Breast Strips

Just Bare® Lightly Breaded Spicy Chicken Breast Strips are made from boneless chicken breast raised with no antibiotics ever, and no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Our strips are coated in a spicy southern style breading with a hint of sweetness. Each serving packs 16g of protein with quality and consistency… Read More

Hosting Your Games

Viva, Brasil! Every four years, in summer and winter, all eyes turn to one of the most exciting sporting events in the world. New heroes emerge. Nations large and small celebrate. And fans everywhere learn about the culture and customs of the countries hosting the games. In 2016, Brazil is… Read More

Peanut Chicken & Soba Noodle Bowls with Bok Choy

Soba noodles are made from both wheat and buckwheat, a uniquely flavored grain. They’re a favorite in Japan, where they are often served as salads or in noodle bowls. Miniature heads of baby bok choy are lovely lightly blanched, their stalks and greens more tender and flavorful than when allowed… Read More

Spa Chicken Curry with Cilantro Chutney

Traditional chicken curries can have a lot of fat. This version is full of the great flavors of the best curry dish, but with a fraction of the calories. The brilliant green “chutney” is really an herbal salsa, spicy and a fresh counterpoint to the deeper taste of the curry. Read More

Chicken Tortilla Soup with Roasted Corn

Since summer corn is a natural partner with a Mexican-style soup, ears of corn are roasted and sliced off the cobs to add a touch of sweetness. You can also offer chopped ripe avocado, sliced green onion, and fresh cilantro leaves to jazz up each bowl as desired. Read More

Chicken Burger with Cherry Tomato & Rosemary Relish

For a healthy and special touch on chicken, this dish is loaded with antioxidants, not to mention flavor. It’s great to cook at the end of summer when stone fruit is coming to an end. You could even crust the chicken and make the relish early in the day or… Read More

Golden Chicken & Cornmeal Waffles

The combo of chicken and waffles is purely southern — crisply golden deep-fried chicken that is served alongside tender waffles. Seems like a weird pairing, but it’s surprisingly tasty. Here the chicken is just pan-sautéed, then the skillet is deglazed with maple syrup, broth, and fresh rosemary. Read More

Chicken Brochettes with Chimichurri Salsa

This chimichurri-style salsa is raw and should be a thick, coarse puree. It can be finely chopped by hand or buzzed up in a mini processor or blender. This is the time to use a nice-quality olive oil. Read More

Ginger Curry Chicken & Squash Noodle Soup

Here, the basic recipe for Ginger Chicken Tenders with Noodles and Cabbage is transformed into a savory, Asian-inspired soup. Wide rice noodles replace the rice stick noodles. Butternut squash, coconut milk, chicken broth and curry create a flavorful soup base. Read More

Lime Chili Chicken Tenders

Chicken breasts tenders are skewered and marinated with lime and fish sauce for an authentically Asian flavor, then grilled or broiled to perfection. Read More

Chili Chicken Strips with Spiced Picante Sauce

You can’t beat a simple coleslaw with these savory tenders – a combo of chopped cabbage, julienned carrot, and thinly sliced red onion, tossed with a creamy slaw dressing perhaps. Try adding some chopped fresh cilantro or julienned jicama for a southwestern touch. Read More

Mini Baked Crunchy Chicken Potstickers with Hoisin Dipping Sauce

Savory, with a nice crisp bite, these mini appetizers look more like eggrolls. For a more traditional chewy potsticker texture, shallow-fry them in peanut oil, then add some water to the pan to finish them with steam. Ambitious Kitchen created this recipe from an ingredient list submitted by Meggan S.,… Read More

Grill-Pressed Chicken Cubano Sandwiches

These rich sandwiches drip with juicy seasoned chicken, ripe tomato, and briny pickles. If you don’t have a sandwich press or Panini grill, cook them on a stovetop grill, griddle, hot skillet, or charcoal grill with chunks of sweet bell pepper and onion. Read More

Charred Greens & Chicken Caesar

Any head of crisp lettuce can be lightly grilled—try butter lettuce, Belgian endive, even small heads of cabbage (slice into thick slabs). The grill imparts a smokiness and savory browning that adds a new dimension—and new definition—to salads. Read More