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Apricot Ginger Chicken with Toasted Barley Pilaf

The benefits of a fiber-rich diet, along with the increased intake of B-vitamins and a wide variety of minerals, are undisputed. But don’t ignore how great whole grains taste—experiment with the exploding availability of interesting rice blends, unique pastas, and grains like barley. Read More

Warm Chicken Waldorf Salad

If you’ve got some pungent bleu cheese or crumbly aged goat cheese on hand, toss some onto these welcoming winter salads. The richness of a nut oil in the dressing rounds out the toasty flavor of the dish. Like any good Waldorf, this one features the best of winter apples—dressed… Read More

Spiced Chicken Kefta

Kefta kebabs, small skewers of seasoned ground meat, are traditional street food in Morocco. These are deliciously aromatic, full of fresh herbs and spices. Once you’ve seasoned the meat—ground chicken here rather than the lamb or beef used in Morocco—you can pat it into small sausage shapes wrapped around skewers… Read More

Stacked Enchiladas Suiza

“Swiss” enchiladas are made with a cheese sauce, a southwestern variation of more traditional enchiladas. This version is stacked in a deep-dish pie plate—a faster technique than filling and rolling up individual tortillas. Read More

Chicken in Artichoke Tomato Broth

This brothy chicken dish is warming in cold weather—and delicious as is, or spooned over a large spoonful of tender orzo pasta or steamed brown rice, wheat berries, or wild rice. Read More

Retro Salisbury Steak

A staple of cafeteria lunches and TV dinners, Salisbury steak is really just a quick ground meat patty, jazzed up with a savory mushroom gravy. By making them fresh and substituting ground chicken for hamburger, they’re transformed into a great weeknight supper that everyone will eat. Read More

Thai Chicken Tango

This 5-ingredient recipe was created by Alison B. and was selected as a runner up in the Just BARE Just 5 Cooking Challenge in 2011. Read More

Chicken & Pea Shoot Salad with Tarragon Aioli

Pea shoots have a deep flavor that’s uniquely fresh and summery. Baby fingerling potatoes, especially Yukon Golds, are lovely for grilling—they cook fast and become almost creamy in texture. This short-cutted aioli is just a garlicky mayonnaise that’s a specialty of southern France and is delicious with grilled or roasted… Read More

Coconut Jerk Chicken with Mango-Tomatillo Salsa

This take on coconut-coated chicken is a fusion of Latin-American flavors. It brings back memories of a mid-winter trip to Jamaica, where the melding of sweet and incendiary spices flavor many dishes. Tropical fruit sauces help temper the heat—vary the fruits you toss together for salsas. The key is to… Read More

Chicken Pasta Shakers with Green Goddess Dressing

Poach boneless chicken breasts, tenders, or thighs in water or broth on Sunday evening to have on hand when the week starts. Chop and mix with a creamy blend of herby mayo & sour cream or thick yogurt for quick sandwiches. Otherwise wrap up tender slices for this fun pasta… Read More

Chicken with Balsamic Syrup & Pears

This combo of flavors is pure autumn—pears at their peak, paired up with tender golden chicken, finished with the sweet-savory dash of balsamic vinegar and blue cheese. Familiar and comforting—the twist being in the reduction of the vinegar and honey to a thick syrup. Serve with a fluffy quinoa or… Read More

Herbed Chicken Cutlet Sauté

Use a super hot skillet and don’t over crowd the pan, so the chicken gets beautifully browned. Then make the sauce in the same pan—efficiency at its finest!… Read More