Our Mission:

We are committed to delivering more goodness to more people–at the highest level possible. Just like you, we care about what you feed your family. Our Mission is simple, Good food for more people. We understand life is busy. Between the soccer games, school, workouts, work and the never ending list of “to-do’s”, providing a healthy meal can be tough. We’ve got you. 

Our Promise:

Because it’s your passion that fuels ours, we are dedicated to providing you and your family with a safe, wholesome, high-quality product. At Just BARE®, we are consistently reinventing, rethinking and challenging the status quo to create a healthier, happier future. 

Your choices for healthy chicken:

We believe in choice. Because of that, we have an expanded offering of Organic and All Natural chicken. Our products are fed a vegetarian and grain diet, no artificial ingredients, no antibiotics and no added hormones.
(P.S. chicken has been free of added hormones since the 1950’s).

Humanely raised: 

You have high standards and so do we. Especially when it comes to raising our chickens. Our Just BARE® Natural chickens are American Humane Certified™, meaning we use third-party, independent audits to ensure the integrity and quality of the animals in our care. 

Our commitment to you:

We feed people. A responsibility we do not take lightly here at Just BARE®. Doing our part to Raise Goodness® means that’s exactly what will end up on your table…goodness. 

Our commitment to our planet:

Natural resources are not infinite. It’s imperative we are responsible in our production practices and continually striving to lighten our environmental footprint. A commitment and responsibility we take seriously.