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  • Our approach to citizenship is simple: balance the needs of economic progress with those of our people, poultry and planet. Learn more about how we support wind energy and other ongoing sustainability efforts.

    Bare Balance

  • You’ve always been able to trace our chicken back to the independent family farms where raised. But did you know, each year our practices and growers are independently audited and certified under the American Humane Certified® Farm Program?

    3rd Party Humane Certified

  • Learn the location of the family farmer who raised the chicken inside your package of Just BARE by tracing the family farm code online. No code? No problem. You can meet a few of our featured family farmers, too. 

    Bare Traceability

  • Chicken like nature intended. Now available in new varieties and larger package sizes. Perfect for families and friends. See our newest offerings now.

    Just New

It’s time to get back to good. To savor simplicity. To honor the earth with a lighter footprint.
To raise better food responsibly and conscientiously. Go minimal with Just BARE®.

dare to pair your flavors infographic

Simple combinations can add up to delicious! Use our handy infographic to figure out what makes your taste buds tick, and try out a few new recipes! And please share it with your friends! 

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safe handling and cooking

food safety

The USDA estimates that nearly 1 in 6 Americans get sick from foodborne illness each year.  But following these steps can help ensure safe handling from the store to your kitchen to your table. 

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